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hardwarecenter.ro arbeitet unter der Lizenz von Haus Expertise Transylvania ®

Launched in 2019, hardwarecenter.ro is a romanian platform for european trade. We serve millions of buyers and suppliers from Romania and Europe.

As part of hardwarecenter.ro, our mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere.
We do this by giving suppliers the tools necessary to reach a global audience for their products, and by helping buyers find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently.

hardwarecenter.ro brings you hundreds of products in different categories, including consumer electronics, machinery, cars, constructions and even services.

Buyers for these products are located especially in Romania and other European countries and regions, and exchange hundreds of thousands of messages with suppliers on the platform each day.

As a platform, we continue to develop services to help businesses do more and discover new opportunities.

Whether it’s sourcing from your mobile phone or contacting suppliers in their local language, turn to hardwarecenter.ro for all your global business needs.